Freitag, 5. Dezember 2008

fortune / misfortune

i bet everyone of you (if someone reads this blog) had times where you have been favored by fortune and times where you've been dogged by bad luck. i am not really sure where i am right now. i always thought i am lucky but now i think everytime i am lucky it will bring some bad luck with it.

let's list the events that happend in the past few weeks (SINCE I CAME TO KAISERSLAUTERN).

i had to do a presentation to get into college. that presentation was one day after a festival i wanted to go to. so i didn't go to the festival do work on my presentation. good thing was they exepted me for college but i did not get to see the bands i waited for a long time.

good thing was, 2 month later nearly all of the bands i wanted to see came to germany again. but there were no tickets anymore. but there was 1 single shop in kaiserslautern which had 12 tickets left! coincidence?

but then at a party my sunglasses just broke, i wanted to take them off and a sidepiece just went off // at another party i lost my glasses. (they must have fell out of my jacket while i was taking out my gloves.)

1 week later i won a tv at mcdonalds - monopoly thingy. (not sure if i'm really gonna get it).

then my ps2 broke. first only the burned games wouldn't work anymore, then i gave it to a shop to repair it. now nothing works anymore.

and finally, yesterday my cellphone fell into the toilette. afterwards it wouldn't work anymore. today i started it and it worked without problems. like nothing ever happend.

it all might be coincidences, but maybe we don't have luck without bad luck.

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