Mittwoch, 15. Oktober 2008

Crystal Castles // Metronomy // Shitdisco

THURSDAY 16 10 08 = CRYSTAL CASTLES // METRONOMY // SHITDISCO AND ALL FOR ONLY 13€ WTF!!!!!!!!!! if they'd knew how good theses bands are....FKRS HAHAHHAHA.

first I wanted to see them in frankfurt (on monday) but I couldn't find someone to come with me. then I wanted to go on thursday in stuttgart but on tuesday there were no tickets anymore. so I called a ticketshop and they said "we can not tell you if we have tickets or if we not, but we call you tomorrow if we can sell you tickets". the next day they called me and said "we can not sell you the tickets, we don't have the rights (or something like that), but you can call the >>POPSHOP<<. they might have tickets". called the popshop and they said: "call back in 1 hour, our computer is currently dead". I went back to bed. woke up at 11.30 IMMEDIATELY called the popshop and they said: "yes we have 12 tickets left." you know. I am currently in kaiserslautern and kaiserslautern // popshop was the only place which had tickets for that concert. coincidence or just lucky me?

I dont know if I will survive that concert, wich me luck!

just to make you jealous:
Crystal Castles - Courtshop Dating [Youtube]
Metronomy - Heartbreaker [Youtube]
Shitdisco - OK [Youtube]

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